Help a child today

Your gift could help us improve the lives of children, who've had the toughest starts in life.

More than 357,000 young people and families are in need of our life-changing support. The high cost of living will continue to bite this winter. With your help, we can keep children, warm, safe and well-fed over these difficult months. We can provide counselling services and long-term support to children who have been abused or exploited. We can manage safe and supported lodgings for care leavers. But we can only do this with your support.

Together, we can change childhoods, and lives. Please give now.

How we spend our funds

How your money helps

Of every £1 we spend

For every pound we spend (excluding retail costs) approximately:

  • 94p goes on working with the children and young people who need it most
  • Less than 1p goes on investment management costs
  • And the remaining amount - just over 5p - on raising the next £1

For full details of how we're funded look at our latest annual report.

Other ways to donate

Find out about other ways to donate to us and help vulnerable children.